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Roasted Vegetable Triangoli 250 gr

Roasted Vegetable Triangoli 250 gr

Roasted zucchini, Sunflower oil, Eggplant “Caponata”
Toasted wheat crumbs, Roasted sweet pepper
Dehydrated potatoes, Roasted eggplant
Grana Padano DOP, Sundried tomato, Basil paste, Mozzarella cheese
Sugar, Salt, Garlic

Storage temperature: Keep it cooled between 2 to 6 degrees

Best before date: 21 days at delivery

Number of consumerunits per carton: 6

Number of cartons per layer: 20

Number of cartons per pallet: 160


Nutritional Information

Average values for 100 g
Energy kcal 296
kJ 1241
Fat g 12
- of which satures g 2
Carbohydrates g 33
- of which sugars g 3,2
Proteins g 8,2
Salt g 5,3


08 April 2016