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Tetrapak Coco milk 1000 ml

Tetrapak Coco milk 1000 ml

Coconut milk for drinking …
If you can’t drink any other types of milk,
or don’t want to, Mother Nature has something
just for you: delicious coconut milk.
Dr. Antonio Martins takes fresh, clear coco juice
and adds the precious milk from pressed
coconut pulp. In organic quality.
Original Dr. Antonio Martins‘ coco milk
for drinking is slightly creamy and has a
deliciously fresh flavour. With a touch of coconut.
And you can be happy that coco milk is vegan
and guaranteed GMO-free.

good for you:
• Light and digestible
  100 % vegan, no milk ingredients
• Lots of fruit and little water
  Perhaps the best dairy alternative
• High-quality and pristine
  33 % prescious coconut
• Versatile and tasty
  No flavours and no rice products
• 100% natural and pure
  Organic quality, sustainably produced
• Know-how and experience
  The coconut juice pioneer since 2002

Original Dr. Antonio Martins coco milk for drinking.
Cocosnut milk in organic quality.
In 1.000 ml TetraPak.
As coconut milk for drinking in premium quality (33 % coconut).

Coconut milk for drinking.
Great for everything you do with normal milk …
• Muesli
• Desserts
• Coffee and tea
• Smoothies
• Or on it‘s own


08 April 2016


Dr. Antonio Martins