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Elopak 500 ml with Pineapple

Elopak 500 ml with Pineapple

drinkable wellness.
What a juice. 100 % organic quality directly from young coconuts.
Light and refreshing. Clear and smooth. A little sweet, with a hint of coconut.
Low in calories with essential vitamins and minerals.
A true natural treasure is waiting for you to discover it …

good for you:
• Very low in calories
Only 19 kcal per 100 ml
• Light and refreshing
A clear juice, not a heavy milk
• Vitamins and minerals
More than most other juices
• High-quality and pristine
100 % from young coconuts
• 100% natural and pure
Organic quality, sustainably produced
• Know-how and experience
The coconut juice pioneer since 2002

Original Dr. Antonio Martins coco.
Organic cocosnut juice from young coconuts.
In 500 ml Elopak. As plain coconut juice in premium quality (100 % pure juice).
And mixed with the juice and pulp from prescious fruits – in three tasty varieties …


08 April 2016


Dr. Antonio Martins